OSMOSIS is a career navigation platform that provides students the ability to connect with professionals and learn from the experiences of people like themselves.


The problem

During the course of my research I found that students often have very little idea of what certain careers actually entail before delving into their respective educational paths, only to realize later that they've gone the wrong way. I created OSMOSIS as a way to help guide students toward careers that more closely fit the educational path they think they should take.


The platform

I wanted to create a fun way to engage students in the platform, so I used the metaphor of traveling through space to represent the journey of finding a suitable career path.


A way to find a way

Instead of helping students to find careers that may suit them, OSMOSIS works by connecting students to professionals who are similar to them based on a diverse set of criteria.



This is a step-by-step snapshot of the platform from Sign Up through to finding a professional connection.


mentorship platform

The purpose of the platform is not to search for careers, but to find people with enough similarities. This way, students don’t have to know what they’re looking for.