MERchandise product design

An exercise in designing a sellable product from the ground up for a client.



The task was to create a viable product for Drexel University's Design & Merchandising Store. Among several competing products, my pyramid puzzle was selected by the client to be featured in the store.



Creating the pyramid was very process-driven and was only realized after several rounds of product design from ideation to prototyping.



The client wanted something that was hand-made and would fit the demographic of the store's products. I decided that I would need to make something which I'd never seen before. 

sacred geometry

I wanted to give life to a single piece of material, and since I love geometry and puzzles, I decided to combine the two to create a challenging puzzle.


Color testing

My idea was to create a beautiful product which could be admired while idle and enjoyed when engaged. Part of this process was to determine how I would color to enhance the user experience.


from chaos...

I find puzzles to be immensely therapeutic and I wanted the user to share my process. The puzzle is deceivingly challenging, it is about the journey after all. order

Since it was designed for a store at Drexel University, the pyramid is aimed at college students and professors who may want to add some intrigue and fun to their work spaces.


the beauty within

The Pyramuse Puzzle is a problem solving challenge and therapeutic journey using spatial awareness and patience. If the puzzle aspect isn't for you, then it serves well as merely an object of intrigue.